TDK Athletes

They are up against no one but themselves.


Skye Johnson

Schuyler Johnson is an achiever. She has been playing basketball since she was young. Don't let her lightheartedness and contagious laughter fool you, she is a monster on the court. We think that developed early on in her childhood - dominating street pick-up games with all males aside from herself. She went on to play ball at Bradley University and was named the 'Missouri Valley Conference Defensive Player of the Year' and team's MVP in her sophomore year. She is now a Doctor of Physical Therapy (DPT) and leaves her mark by healing the injured.


KEvin Rayo

Kevin, freestyle footballer, knows what it takes to become masterful. He practices everyday - rain, snow and shine. He is ranked in the top 16 in the USA. He is loyal to his craft and wants to help children express themselves through freestyle by opening a freestyle football school. He believes that freestyle football is a unique form of art and should be appreciated more as its own form. Kevin is also passionate about better living through nutrition and body building.